Pulp Therapy

Pulp therapy (also known in pediatric dentistry as a “baby root canal”) addresses issues with the internal structure of the tooth, where the pulp (made up of the nerve and blood vessels) is located. Often, these issues cause discomfort or pain when eating or trying to sleep, and pulp therapy will give your child relief and will restore his or her ability to chew without trouble.

The most commonly used pulp therapy is called a pulpotomy. During this treatment, the affected nerve tissue in the crown of the tooth is removed. The goal is to maintain the vitality of the baby tooth. Although used less often, a pulpectomy is done when the entire pulp of the tooth is infected. The pulp from the crown, as well as the roots, is removed. The goal of a pulpectomy is to keep the tooth in the mouth for as long as possible, avoiding or delaying extraction.

In either case, after the pulp is removed, the space is filled with an inert material to maintain the structure of the tooth. Finally, a crown restores the functional shape of the tooth, recompleting your child’s beautiful smile.



During these ages and older, children become more active with sports, and dental injuries are very common.


If your child has special health care needs, feel great knowing his/her dental needs are not necessarily any different than those of any other child.


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